Everything starts from the earth.

Udus. It all started from here, from this word. Udus is the ancient name of Uta, a small town a few kilometres from Cagliari, in the lower Campidano, in Sardinia. Here, we found the soil where our vines grow today.

The Udus vineyard.

» Area: Uta – Sardegna – Italia.
» Size: 10 hectares.
» Climate: typically Mediterranean.
» Soil: sandy with a good clay content.
» Form of planting: Guyot.
» Cultivation techniques: cultivation according to organic farming methods without the use of pesticides.
» Harvest: by hand in small boxes.

The vineyard is the wine.

Our wines come from 10 hectares of vineyards on land warmed by the Sardinian sun, right next to the naturalistic oasis of Monte Arcosu, among the most extensive WWF natural areas in Italy. From the beginning we planted different varieties of grapes, especially Sardinian native vines: Vermentino and Nuragus, Cannonau and Monica, Moscato and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The natural search for quality.

With the memory of the family vineyards in his heart, Fausto Cuccu searched for a long time for this sandy, warm and clayey soil. He was looking for a place that could breathe the winds of southern Sardinia without ever suffering them and where the grapes could grow undisturbed, until one day it was the earth that found Fausto. A land where sea breezes and Mediterranean scrub meet, filling the berries with unmistakable colours and scents.


Do you want to know more about our wines?

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