The memories include wine.

The story of our wine began a long time ago, in the 1970s in Sardinia, when Fausto, still a child, watched his father dedicate the little time he had left from work to the family vineyard. Growing up with this memory, at some point in his life, Fausto decided to return to that distant memory, to transform it into a project to be shared with his family: making a wine to celebrate those memories, a wine that honours the wisdom of the past, a wine that is the result of a passionate dedication to the land.

Udus, a family story.

Fausto and Lucia, Alice and Leonardo. A man who chased the memory of his father, from whom he did not inherit lands, but dedication, respect, love for the vineyard and its fruits. A woman who captured her husband’s dream and together with him went in search of that corner of the earth from which Udus was created. And then the children and their desire to return to the roots, to make them more robust and profound.

A sustainable choice.

Our family has found in its history the desire to dedicate itself to the land, with respect and love, to build a winery linked to the territory, an expression of nature and aware of the future that awaits us. In fact, sustainability and the choice to apply organic farming methods are a way for us to include the environment around us in our family. Wine is a product of man and the earth together and that is why we believe it is important to take care of nature. This is the story behind our wines.

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