Udus. The love for one’s roots.

In a corner of Sardinia, where respect for the land is the most important value, our wines are created.

Returning to the vine.

Returning to the vine means returning to the value of waiting, of knowing how to wait for things to flourish naturally. It means going back to one’s roots and rediscovering them, so that they become something new. Ours is an organic winery located in Uta in southern Sardinia. We cultivate approximately ten hectares of vineyards with the utmost attention and respect for nature. All our wines are low in sulphites, rich in intense taste and aroma, pure expression of the earth.

Wine is created in the vineyard, this has always been our philosophy.

We cultivate approximately ten hectares of vineyards with great care and respect for nature, without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The care we have for our vineyards also continues in the important period of the harvest, during which we perform the harvest exclusively by hand, carefully choosing the best bunches. These processing methods allow us to obtain products with unique characteristics.

Attention to one’s own land.

We learned this when we chose to listen to the wisdom of the past, to then reinterpret it with innovation and thus to begin to produce modern and authentic wines.

The Udus wines.

We let the vineyard express itself without forcing, caressed by the winds of southern Sardinia and protected by organic farming methods. This is how I Classici are created, expression of the Sardinian native vines: Vermentino and Nuragus, Cannonau and Monica. From an even more careful selection of the grapes, Le Selezioni are created, our most prized line represented by Cultisìa elegant blend of Cabernet Sauvignon e Bovale, our Isola Dei Nuraghi IGT and Dulche, our Moscato di Sardegna.


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